How To Install Floating Shelves

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a floating shelf from Dakota TImber Co. is that installation can be done in minutes with our innovative floating shelf bracket system. 

Simply find the studs in your wall, mark them, make sure you have a level line, and then screw the bracket into your stud.  Once installed, you can simply slide the floating shelf onto the bracket. If you are looking for a more permanent / solid installation, you can simply add a small amount of construction adhesive into the bracket holes on your shelf before you slide onto the bracket.

Our floating hardware is rated for up to a 200 load when 6: 2.5" screws are attached stud-direct. These brackets are made in the USA and come ready to install on any wall! They are an optional add-on when you purchase your floating shelf, or you can purchase the bracket separately if you are just looking for the hardware.

STEP 1: Find your stud and mark stud locations on your wall.

STEP 2: Place bracket on the wall at desired location and check for level.

STEP 3: Once level, use provided 3" screws and drive into stud locations - 2 screws per stud location is recommended.

How to install a floating shelf - floating shelf bracket hardware - dakota timber co.

STEP 4: (Optional) For permanent installation, insert adhesive into each hold in the back of the shelf. 

STEP 5: With firm, even pressure slide the shelf onto the bracket. You're done! 

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