About Dakota Timber Co.

Dakota Timber Co. manufactures high-quality, American made wood products with an emphasis on sustainability and low impact production. Our lumber is sourced regionally from retired buildings and urban tree removals as well as other sustainable sources. By eliminating the middleman and shopping directly with us, our customers are able to get the best price on high-quality lumber materials. We provide products to customers across the country and ship nationwide.

Our Mission

To produce 100% American made, high-quality wood products while maintaining our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our History

Dakota Timber Co. was founded in 2013 by Seth Carlson after the opportunity to purchase lumber inventory from a reclaimed wood company that was going out of business arose. At that time, the plan was to just sell the wood and move on to another project; however, we saw the demand for finished and ready-to-install products. At that point, the company was officially born.

This led to investing in machinery, equipment, and personnel to start processing old wood into usable and sale-able material. Our founding mission at that time was to introduce sustainable wood products into the construction industry to curb deforestation.We still hold fast to that mission of sustainability today.

After two years of working out of a 20’x40’ rental shop, it was time to move on up and get a bigger space. We made the move to our first official production space in Moorhead, MN. We then acquired more machines including a sawmill, kiln, planer, sander, rip saw and more which allowed us to expand our lumber and product offerings to local builders, designers, and homeowners.

This was a big turning point in our business because we were able to become more independent in our manufacturing processes which ensured more accurate and timely delivery of material to our customers.

It didn’t take long to grow out of the Moorhead shop, and two years later, we moved to the big, new shop and showroom that we are currently operating in today. Along with this move came our ability to fulfill larger orders and diversify our product lines at the same time.

Where We Are Today

Our current space is a full-scale wood manufacturing plant. Our equipment includes several dry kilns, sawmill, ripsaw line, planing line, resaw, automated sanders, automated table glue-up stations, chop saw stations, boring stations, advanced finishing department, material handling equipment and so much more. All of this equipment runs daily and produces an enormous volume of finished products ready for homes and businesses.

Our most popular products to date are tabletops, floating shelves, mantels, shiplap, tongue and groove paneling, stair treads, beams and various home goods.

One of the most differentiating aspects of Dakota Timber Company is the constant evolution of products to stay ahead of ever-changing design trends. We work diligently to develop new items that will meet and exceed your design and construction needs.

When we founded the company in 2013, we were using 100% reclaimed wood from old demolished buildings. Over the years we have evolved to utilize many different types of recycled and sustainable woods. To date about 50% of our current inventory flow is urban salvaged wood with the remaining being made up of authentic reclaimed wood and local sustainable woods such as northern ash and Norway pine— both of which are grown in MN and have an amazing track record of responsible planting, harvesting, and replantings.

Our Events

We host numerous promotional and special events both in-person and online throughout the year. Be sure to join our email list to be notified of our next Warehouse Wholesale Event which take place frequently throughout the year. To stay up to date on products news and events, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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