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All of our products are sold as-is. No returns accepted. Please read all products descriptions thoroughly! Reclaimed Wood and Urban Lumber are natural products. Despite our best efforts to improve upon the beauty of these materials, Mother Nature has the first and final say. No two pieces are alike; even material that is sourced from the same building or log will vary in color, texture, and quality. We think that’s a good thing.

We are not liable for installation issues or problems that arise during installation including mistakes in calculating the amount of material or improper installation that results in needing extra material to finish the job.

Sample photos are approximations of finished looks and will vary slightly depending on the material pulled for your order. The example photos may or may not contain the full range of variation present in the final product. If you are concerned about the lightness, darkness, warmth or subtle tint of each individual board, you should probably be shopping for faux wood products elsewhere!

The possible presence of dirt, metal, paint (including lead-based paint), salt, other minerals, mildew, mold, chemicals, dead insects/bugs, and other contaminants may occur. It is the nature of salvaged wood to have nail holes, knot holes, mineral stains, cracks, splits, creature features, mortise holes, and irregular thickness or widths.

Please read our Refund Policy before purchasing.

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