Made in Fargo, ND Products Trending Across America

May 10, 2022

Fargo, ND - Local manufacturer, Dakota Timber Company has found nationwide success with its Made in the USA wood products.

Founded in 2013 by North Dakota native, Seth Carlson, Dakota Timber Company has grown from a mostly regional reclaimed wood lumber facility to a full-scale wood manufacturing plant that now sells products to homeowners, designers and builders across America. Popular products include fireplace mantels, floating shelves, shiplap, tabletops, beams and various home goods.

"We love being able to provide a high-quality and easy-to-install products for our customers," says Carlson, President of Dakota Timber Co. "But the best part is that they are all hand-crafted right here in the USA by our awesome team. When someone buys something from us, they're supporting American jobs and the American economy and we're pretty proud of that."

Dakota Timber Company utilizes primarily regionally sourced wood for its products and is committed to sustainable, low impact production. Products are manufactured, sold and shipped direct to the consumer from the Fargo facility all over the U.S.

"During the pandemic, we took the opportunity to really grow our e-commerce side of the business," says Erin McDonald, Director of Operations. "We were able to scale quickly as demand increased since we source our materials locally and didn't go through some of the supply chain issues that other manufacturers did -- and continue to go through."

In addition to growing e-commerce sales, Dakota Timber Company has also grown its social media following. The Dakota Timber Co. TikTok has the largest following of all the platforms with over 27,000 followers followed by Facebook with over 20,000 and Instagram with over 13,000. A popular video featuring the glue-up step in the table manufacturing process has over 2 million views on TikTok alone while Dakota Timber Company's Pinterest page has over 2M views per month.

Promoting the company and products in a natural, organic way has become the most effective way to reach customers nationwide. "It's fun to connect with our customers and people that just really enjoy watching our manufacturing process," says Carlson. "We have a good time with our social media content and like to showcase the manufacturing process whenever we can."

While nationwide sales continue to grow, approximately 30% of revenues come from commercial sales. These are customers like developers, builders and business owners that order product in bulk or mass quantities, with the majority of commercial orders coming from regional clients throughout the Midwest.

"We are grateful to have such strong support from our community," says Carlson. "I truly believe that by bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., we can make an impact on our economy in a positive way. I know that we are just one company, but we've seen the demand for high-quality, American-made products first-hand and I hope manufacturing continues to trend in that direction."

About Dakota Timber Company

Dakota Timber Company is a full-scale wood manufacturing plant that produces high-quality, American-made wood products for homeowners, designers and builders across the U.S. with an emphasis on sustainability and low-impact production. Popular products include floating shelves, mantels, shiplap, tabletops, stair treads, beams and various home goods. One of the most differentiating aspects of Dakota Timber Co. is the constant evolution of products to stay ahead of ever-changing design trends. Dakota Timber Co. works diligently to develop new items that will meet and exceed design and construction needs. Dakota Timber Company's products can be purchased online at For media and retail inquiries, please contact

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