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Custom Hardwood Top


This product is custom made to order. Allow 2-4 weeks for production.

Our 1.75" thick hardwood tops are solid, edge glued surfaces, perfect for use as tabletops, desktops, bar tops, and more. Every custom hardwood top is unique and will include up to 3 different locally sourced or salvaged light toned hardwood varieties.

Product Notes:

All of our custom hardwood top products are clear coated with a restaurant grade 2k polyurethane. Knots and inclusions will be filled with a dark gray wood filler before finishing.

Our wood products are made from locally sourced materials and/or salvaged boulevard trees. As such, visual characteristics can vary from board to board and top to top. We do our best to select pieces with a similar appearance throughout any project.


Natural - A beefy 2k polyurethane clear coat applied to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood

Stark - An acid treatment applied over a mix of hardwood species that gives a wide range of colors to the end product. While we have an idea as to what the end result will be, ultimately, the wood and the acid have the final say in the colors produced. Considering that, we can never guarantee a specific color with our Stark finish. If that idea makes you nervous, this may not be the finish for you. Top coated with our beefy 2k polyurethane clear.


Available local pickup or LTL shipping in the lower 48. 

This product is shipped as LTL Freight, please look over our Shipping Policy page for more info before purchasing!

100% Made in America

Our mission is to produce 100% American made, high-quality wood products while maintaining our commitment to environmental responsibility.

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